September Homework

Deadline: September 30th, midnight HOL time

Please send your homework to In the subject line, put “Norse Myths – HW1 – your HOL ID” (for me that would be “Norse Myths – HW1 – pr_rch”). Remember to include your HOL name, ID and House in the main body of your e-mail. Don’t send attachments – they will not be opened!

Pick and choose from the following tasks. The first 30 points worth you hand in will be counted as Homework, the rest will be counted as Extra Credit, with a total maximum of 60 points for this month’s assignment.

Short Answers (2 points each – total 10 points)
1. Three places existed before the Earth was created, which ones?
2. What’s the name of the ancestor of the giants?
3. How did the first god come into existence?
4. What did Odin, Vili and Ve use to create the Earth’s mountains?
5. What’s the name of the two first humans?

Fill in the Blank (1 point each – total 10 points)
1. Norse mythology was the _______ beliefs of people living in ___________ in the pre-Christian time, approximately between the 2nd to 11th centuries.
2. The traditions and _______ were passed on from generation to generation for many centuries before the first _______________ appeared.
3. Three of the more important sources are the _____ (Younger) Edda, the ____________ and the Poetic (Elder) Edda.
4. ________________ (1179-1241) was a poet, historian and politician from _______.
5. Characteristic for the verses and poems of the ___________ is that most of them are written in the form of a ________ or a monologue.

Class Discussion (10 points)
Go to the Class Discussion area and join this month’s discussion! The topic for September is the Creation Myth. What do you think about it? Do you recognize elements of it from other religions in the world?

Jigsaw (10 points)
Solve the jigsaw puzzle below, take a screen cap of your solution, upload the image to an image hosting website and send me the link.

Matching (1 point each – total 10 points)
Match 1-10 with A-J.

1. Niflheim
2. Muspelheim
3. Jotunheim
4. Godheim
5. Vanaheim
6. Mannheim
7. Alfheim
8. Svartalfheim
9. Helheim
10. Yggdrasil

H-Light Elves

Word Scramble (1 point each – total 15 points)
Unscramble the following words. All words can be found in this month’s lesson.

1. eesnwd
2. edad
3. nslrkmaihgei
4. rosnir
5. rdexi ugseoc
6. ehrvgemelr
7. hmuaudla
8. robr
9. seblta
10. egerblmir
11. imaferx
12. skaifnxe
13. ivli
14. ibrsfto
15. gygadrsil

Art (15 points)
Draw, paint or create a graphic of the creation of the world (or a single event from it) according to Norse Mythology. Upload your image to an image hosting site and send me the link.

Short Research (5 points)
What’s the names of the four deer eating off the branches of Yggdrasil?

Research Another Myth (15 points)
Please research and retell the creation story of another religion. Remember to mention which religion it is, and include links to your sources. Minus 1 point if links to sources are missing.