December Homework

Deadline: January 15th, midnight HOL time

Please send your homework to In the subject line, put “Norse Myths – HW4 – your HOL name” (for me that would be “Norse Myths – HW4 – Prof Rachel Selenia”). Remember to include your HOL name and House in the main body of your e-mail. Don’t send attachments – they will not be opened!

Pick and choose from the following tasks. The first 30 points worth you hand in will be counted as Homework, the rest will be counted as Extra Credit, with a total maximum of 60 points for this month’s assignment.

Short Answers (2 points each – total 10 points)
1. Who held the drinking party where Loki insulted most of the guests?
2. What was the name of the servant killed by Loki?
3. Why did the mountains tremble?
4. What did Loki transform into when he tried to hide?
5. What causes earthquakes?

Fill in the Blank (1 point each – total 10 points)
1. ___, wife of Thor, had really long hair that shone like ____.
2. Loki gave the golden hair to Thor (to give to Sif), the spear _______ to Odin and the ship ___________ to Frey.
3. Brokk gave the ring ________ to Odin, the golden boar ____________ to Frey, and the hammer Mjolnir to Thor.
4. Baldur was the _______ and the _______ of all the gods, well-liked by everyone.
5. There was only one thing in the whole world that Frigg considered too small and young to ask for an ____ – a small sapling of a _________.

Class Discussion (10 points)
Go to the Class Discussion area and join this month’s discussion! The topic for December is Loki. What do you think about him? Did you research him after reading this month’s lesson? What do you think of all his quarrelling and upsetting the other gods, and all his “practical jokes” which are usually pretty evil?

Jigsaw (10 points)
Solve the jigsaw puzzle below, take a screen cap of your solution, upload the image to an image hosting website and send me the link.

Sudoku (10 points)
Loki is the trickster god, so I thought I’d let you try a tricky sudoku puzzle! Using the numbers 1-9, fill in the blank squares. Every row, column and 3×3 square should contain only one each of the numbers 1 to 9. Upload the solution to an image hosting website and send me the link.

December Puzzle - Sudoku

Art (15 points)

Draw, paint or create a graphic of one of the myths retold in this month’s lesson. Upload your image to an image hosting site and send me the link.

Creative Writing (15 points)
Imagine you are Loki! Write a journal entry about a day in your (Loki’s) life.
Please write at least 100 words for full points.

Short Research (5 points)
Research Loki! I would like you to tell me:
which race he actually is
3-5 of his family members
1-2 items he’s associated with
one or two special skills

Research Another Myth (15 points)
Please research and tell me about when the gods asked a giant to build the wall around Asgard, and Loki came to the rescue. Remember to include links to your sources. Minus 1 point if links to sources are missing.