Norse Myths and Legends

Welcome to Norse Myths and Legends! I’m your teacher, Professor Rachel Selenia of Hufflepuff.

This full-year class will give an introduction to the myths and legends of the Scandinavian countries, myths that originated during the time of the vikings. You will learn about the Creation Story, the End of the World Story, and some myths about the most known gods and goddesses.

This class is open for all students of Hogwarts Online, no matter if you have taken my classes previously or not. Some of you might recognize a few of the myths, but most of the class material is new and fresh.

Here’s a note on names. The Old Norse versions of the names are usually rather difficult to read and remember, and to make the lessons and assignments easier for all of us I will use the most common English version of all names. There is also a list of names to help you keep all the deities apart.