February Homework

Deadline: June 15th, midnight HOL time

Please send your homework to rachel.selenia@gmail.com. In the subject line, put “Norse Myths – HW6 – your HOL name” (for me that would be “Norse Myths – HW6 – Prof Rachel Selenia”). Remember to include your HOL name and House in the main body of your e-mail. Don’t send attachments – they will not be opened!

Pick and choose from the following tasks. The first 30 points worth you hand in will be counted as Homework, the rest will be counted as Extra Credit, with a total maximum of 60 points for this month’s assignment.

Short Answers (2 points each – total 10 points)
1. Who was allowed to choose freely a husband among the Aesir gods?
2. Which bodypart was she allowed to look at when choosing a husband?
3. Who did she end up marrying?
4. Where did these two live before they got married?
5. Were they able to live together?

Fill in the Blank (1 point each – total 10 points)
1. Frey was one of the _____ gods, and the son of _____. He was the god of fertility and had many love affairs.
2. Skirnir did so, and learned that Frey was so much _______ that he didn’t want to live if he couldn’t have the __________ he had seen.
3. _______ travelled to Jotunheim and the home of ____ where she lived with her father and servants.
4. When _____ didn’t win her over, Skirnir __________ her instead.
5. ____ nights later, Frey and Gerd met and in the end they _______ each other.

Class Discussion (10 points)
Go to the Class Discussion area and join this month’s discussion! For February we’ll have a free discussion about all the myths from this month’s lesson. Which myth is your favourite? Your least favourite? Any thoughts about them?

Jigsaw (10 points)
Solve the jigsaw puzzle below, take a screen cap of your solution, upload the image to an image hosting website and send me the link.

Wordsearch (10 points)
Njord was a sea god and a god for fishermen. Below in the crossword are 10 species of saltwater fish for you to find. Upload the solution to an image hosting website and send me the link.



Art (15 points)
Draw, paint or create a graphic of something from one of the myths retold in this month’s lesson. Upload your image to an image hosting site and send me the link.

Creative Writing (15 points)
Imagine that you are Njord or Skadi and pick a situation from their life (before, during or after marriage) to write a short fiction piece about.
Please write at least 100 words for full points.

Short Research (5 points)
Research some things about Freya! I would like you to tell me:
the name of Freya’s famous necklace
the names of Freya’s daughters
the kind of animal that pulls Freya’s cart
the metal which is sometimes called “tears of Freya”

Research Another Myth (15 points)
There is at least one myth about Freya’s famous necklace. Please research one and retell it. Remember to include links to your sources. Minus 1 point if links to sources are missing.