January Homework

Deadline: January 18th, midnight HOL time

Please send your homework to rachel.selenia@gmail.com. In the subject line, put “Norse Myths – HW5 – your HOL ID” (for me that would be “Norse Myths – HW5 – pr_rch”). Remember to include your HOL name, ID and House in the main body of your e-mail. Don’t send attachments – they will not be opened!

Pick and choose from the following tasks. The first 30 points worth you hand in will be counted as Homework, the rest will be counted as Extra Credit, with a total maximum of 60 points for this month’s assignment.

Short Answers (2 points each – total 10 points)
1. What did Fenrir look like?
2. Who were the parents of Fenrir?
3. Who did the gods send to the dwarves?
4. What was the name of the chain forged by the dwarves?
5. Who sacrificed his hand to bind Fenrir?

Fill in the Blank (1 point each – total 10 points)
1. The gods had let him stay in ______, but when he grew stronger they feared he would _________ them.
2. The best way to make Fenrir less _______ would be to ____ him well, they thought.
3. They called it Gleipnir, and it was forged from the rumble of a cat’s _____, women beards, the roots of mountains, bear sinews, the ______ of fish and bird’s saliva.
4. When the gods got ________ they travelled to the islet Lyngvi in the lake __________ and asked Fenrir to come there.
5. The gods fastened the ends of Gleipnir in the ground with two huge _____, and Fenrir will stay bound like this until ________, when he will be released and get his revenge on the gods.

Class Discussion (10 points)
Go to the Class Discussion area and join this month’s discussion! The topic for January is Fenrir. What do you think about him? Did you research him after reading this month’s lesson? Fenrir is regarded as a monster of Norse Mythology, but do you think he is really evil?

Jigsaw (10 points)
Solve the jigsaw puzzle below, take a screen cap of your solution, upload the image to an image hosting website and send me the link.

Cryptogram (10 points)
Below is a stanza from the poem Voluspa about Odin and Fenrir. Upload the solution to an image hosting website and send me the link. (The verse is easy to find if you do a Google search on Fenrir.)


Word Scramble (1 point each – total 15 points)
Unscramble the following words. All words can be found in this month’s lesson.

1. feinrr
2. kloi
3. nbgoraad
4. agdsar
5. rgaonakr
6. deonlgi
7. edrom
8. inod
9. feyr
10. sinikrr
11. gilpenir
12. lniyvg
13. mastavrnir
14. yrt
15. erenvge

Art (15 points)
Draw, paint or create a graphic of something in the myth retold in this month’s lesson. Upload your image to an image hosting site and send me the link.

Short Research (5 points)
Research Fenrir! I would like you to tell me:
which race he actually is (there are two different answers I will accept as correct)
3-4 of his family members
1-2 items he’s associated with

Research Another Myth (15 points)
There are two more famous wolf monsters in Norse Mythology: Hati and Skoll. Please research them. Are they related somehow to Fenrir? Remember to include links to your sources. Minus 1 point if links to sources are missing.