March Homework

Deadline: June 15th, midnight HOL time

Please send your homework to In the subject line, put “Norse Myths – HW7 – your HOL name” (for me that would be “Norse Myths – HW7 – Prof Rachel Selenia”). Remember to include your HOL name and House in the main body of your e-mail. Don’t send attachments – they will not be opened!

Pick and choose from the following tasks. The first 30 points worth you hand in will be counted as Homework, the rest will be counted as Extra Credit, with a total maximum of 60 points for this month’s assignment.

Short Answers (2 points each – total 10 points)
1. Which god called himself Rig when he walked the new Earth?
2. What did Ae and Edda offer Heimdall to eat in their home?
3. Who were the ascendants of all farmers?
4. Who was taught the secrets of runes by Rig?
5. Who was the youngest son of Jarl and Erna?

Fill in the Blank (1 point each – total 10 points)
1. Loki feared for his life, but the _____ said he would spare him if he lured Idun outside of Asgard together with her golden ______.
2. Anyone who took a bite of them remained forever _____ and didn’t ___.
3. As soon as she entered the woods outside of Asgard, the giant ______ in the shape of an eagle grabbed her and brought her to his home _________.
4. Thjazi was out on the ____, so Loki turned Idun into a ___, gripped her with his talons and returned to Asgard.
5. Soon, Thjazi the _____ had caught up with Loki the ______.

Class Discussion (10 points)
Go to the Class Discussion area and join this month’s discussion! The topic for March is eternal youth! In Norse Mythology there’s the golden apples that give eternal youth to those who eat them. Do you know of any other things that give eternal youth in other mythologies or in novels/movies/etc? If you could create a magical object that gave eternal youth, what sort of object would you pick?

Jigsaw (10 points)
Solve the jigsaw puzzle below, take a screen cap of your solution, upload the image to an image hosting website and send me the link.

Hidden Message (10 points)
Below is a wordsearch containing some of the children of the families Heimdall visited. When you have found all the names, the first eleven remaining letters (read from top left) in the wordsearch will form a hidden message – one of Heimdall’s other names. Upload the solution to an image hosting website and send me the link, and tell me the hidden word.


Wordsearch words

Wordsearch Hidden Word

Art (15 points)
Draw, paint or create a graphic of something from one of the myths retold in this month’s lesson. Upload your image to an image hosting site and send me the link.

Creative Writing (15 points)
Imagine that you are Idun. What would you do with the golden apples? Would you just guard them, or do you use them in any way?

Short Research (5 points)
Research some things about Heimdall and Idun! I would like you to tell me:
where Heimdall lives in Asgard
the name of Heimdall’s famous horn
who is Heimdall’s father
the name of Idun’s husband

Research Another Myth (15 points)
Norse Mythology isn’t the only one to have the social class system explained by a myth. Research another mythology’s explanation for the social hierarchy. Remember to include links to your sources. Minus 1 point if links to sources are missing.