About Rachel

Name: Rachel “Rach” Selenia
Year: Graduated
Age: 24
Height: 5′ 5” (165 cm)
House: Hufflepuff
Positions: Professor, Head of the HOL Tolkien Society, Wizarding Times staff
Clubs: HOL Tolkien Society
Other Positions and Duties: Hufflepuff Yearbook staff
Pets: Leia, a chocolate brown cat
Wand: 11.5 inches, oak, thestral hair
Blood: Muggle-born
Family: None


In RL, I’m 27 years old from Sweden and I’m working as an administrator in elderly care. I used to live 1.5 years in Tokyo and consider it my second home. In my sparetime I am the Swedish fanclub leader for a German band. My main interests are music, male Japanese pop idols, web design, reading, writing and movies.