Welcome to the HOL Tolkien Society!

Part of the Hogwarts On-Line (HOL) community, the HOL Tolkien Society (HOLTS) is a club devoted to the discussion of the works of J.R.R. Tolkien and everything related to them. Its purpose is no other than allowing the Tolkien fans around HOL to have fun in the Middle-earth fantasy world. HOLTS hosts a variety of activities during the HOL school year such as themed-RPGs, word games and contests. Feel free to browse our archives of those activities, as well as other information related to the club like its history, members' list and future plans.

Our board is located on the HOL Forum. Be sure to check it!
Questions, comments and suggestions are always welcome. Click here to send us an e-mail.

We wish you a fantastic experience while discovering Tolkien's universe.

The HOLTStaff