Welcome to Advanced Norse Mythology!

This class will give some more in-depth information on the Norse Mythology, both about the myths, the characters and life in the Nordic countries at that time.

You will need to have graduated (earned a quill) from Norse Mythology before you may take this class.

Please remember to also sign up in the class forum after you have been accepted into the class! There will be discussions and points opportunities there!

All assignments for this term need to be handed in before June 15th!

And here's a note on the names. I intended to use the Old Norse version of the names in this course. However, to make the lessons and assignments easier, I will sometimes use the modern English names instead, when the originals are very strange. Thus, Thor instead of Þórr, Idun instead of Iðunn, Odin instead of Óðinn. However, for those interested I will keep a separate list of the names with their original Old Norse versions.